New Flagest partner Bostik

Starting from 1st of July, 2013 Flagest Ltd. will provide sales and marketing service for company Bostik. Bostik is a world leading company for manufacturing and sales of adhesives and  sealants. For 100 years Bostik strategy has been searching for new ideas and developing new effective materials for all sorts of use and applications. Bostik offers a wide range of products to professionals as well as to „do-it-yourself” users for almost all construction process as well as for many industrial applications. Bostik offers comfortable and practical materials, such as adhesives, tile adhesives, sealants, fillers and industrial adhesives for all cases where there is need for bonding or sealing.

Bostik ambition is an aggressive growth plan for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and is changing their business model to better meet the needs of the customers and users. Hereafter Flagest staff will contact and visit Bostik customers to take orders, create product campaigns and other marketing activities in retail stores, and to contracting customers. Bostik activities, worked out together with Flagest will create synergies and improve customer orientation in trade as well as in marketing. Flagest and Bostik will work very closely together and with customers to ensure development of our customer orientation in Bostik product categories and distribution channels.