Flagest is one of the largest wholesalers & distributors of FMCG in Baltic Countries, operating on Latvian market since 1993. Our distribution network covers more than 7000 sales points over Estonia. In 2009 we started sales activities in Lithuania. 

Four reasons why is it profitable to work with us? 

1. We are strongly client-oriented. It means that we shall do everything needed in order to satisfy our client. Among our clients you can find all Estonia retail networks (Key-Accounts), small stores, gas-stations and drug-stores (Traditional Trade segment). Hotels, restaurants, coffee-shops and catering enterprises (HoReCa) are also our clients as well. 

2. We have a lot of well-known brands from Estonia and all over the world in our portfolio. It means that our suppliers are hundreds of local and international manufacturers that import goods to Estonia. Our clients with thousands of shops, hotels, restaurants and businesses and millions of consumers in Estonia and Lithuania trust us. 

3. We just like our job. Our employees (there are almost one hundred) are enthusiasts of sales and marketing. They know how to sell quality products at the right place and at the right time. That’s why we succeeded to make Huggies diapers one of the leaders of the market, and maximize weighted distribution of Tchibo coffee!