• 4 June 2012 – SPLAT company is named as one of the recipients of the “Golden Mercury” National Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in the Area of Entrepreneurship

    “Golden Mercury” is Russia's only competition for the Russian companies that is officially registered and patented according to law.

    The winners are presented with diplomas of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, exclusive figures of “Golden Mercury” and commemorative medals. They are also entitled to use the competition logo to mark their products.

    Every year the number of contestant grows raising its profile and significance for the business community, as the winners are given a unique opportunity to become members of the elite of Russian entrepreneurship, getting new prospects for the development of their businesses for the prosperity of Russia.


  • South – Estonia’s largest style-, beauty and fashion fair took place on 11th. – May in Tartu Fair Centre

    Mystical beauty world, exciting presentations unexpected fashion suprises and useful tips from beauty professionals.

    In two days you could see and enjoy many special and wonderful shows, fashion demonstrations and presentations.

    This year Flagest OÜ participated in this exhibition for the first time representing the brand Splat. Splat is the Russian manufacturer of advanced professional oral care products. As Splat products are new to the Estonian market, the exhibition was particularly important for our team to draw the attention of potential customers. Therefore visitors of our stand had an opportunity to receive maximum information about these products in the form of advice and booklets, as well as were able to purchase oral care products on the spot at very attractive prices.


  • From February 2012 Flagest starts cooperation with company Credo Capital Production (Bulgaria) with the distribution of two new brands: Fantasy Flirt and men Agressia

    Credo-Capital Production is a dynamically developing group of companies whose production is already represented in 30 countries worldwide. The company creates high quality products to meet the requirements of different customer groups. These products combine together high competitive quality with modern visual look and affordable prices.

    From now Flagest will supply Estonian women and men with quality hygiene products at an affordable price.


  • Our company has become an official distributor of chocolate BACI in Estonia

    Dark chocolate, gianduia cream, a whole hazelnut and a little paper with a love note. This is the secret of a delicacy known around the world: Bacio Perugina. A clear gesture of affection and passion that envelops us all, lovers, friends and family, in its warm, inviting embrace.

    Chocolate BACI is produced at the company’s Perugina factory in Italy. Company Perugina was found in 1907, and now is leading producer of chocolate in Italy. Production of BACI has been started in 1922, and already for more than 50 years BACI is essential part of any celebration in Europe.

    BACI is produced from plain chocolate with huzelnut filling. Name BACI has derived from word bacio, that in translation from italian means kiss, and exactly due to that BACI is undeniable symbol of celebration for everyone who is in love. For more than 50 years BACI chocolate is packed together with little papers, where on diffrent languages are printed words of love – messages from classic authors, contemporary artists and thinkers, sayings and proverbs from distant cultures and civilizations.


  • From September 2011 Flagest OÜ has started distribution of baby food Humana, produced by one of the leading manufacturers of baby food in Germany Humana GmbH

    Humana product portfolio consists of a wide range of infant formulae, specialized formulae (Soya based, dietary), cereals with and without milk, baby water, teas, BIO puree and juices, yoghurt desserts etc. A basic assortment of complemented by a budget category Lasana.

    Humana products own the well known label of quality – “ Made in Germany”.

    Humana has developed and produced high-quality baby food from first-class raw materials for 60 years. In this, it sets great store by careful processing and the most stringent quality standarts.